Festival of Pušipel

Urbanovo 2024., Štrigova

The Cultural Center in Štrigova has become the epicenter of wine euphoria, where enthusiasts of premium Međimurje wines gathered at the Pušipel Festival, the key event of the Urbanovo festival.


This past weekend, the Cultural Center in Štrigova became the epicenter of a celebration of rich viticultural tradition, where wine lovers had the opportunity to enjoy the exceptional wines of Međimurje at the Pušipel Festival, part of this year's Urbanovo event.

Friday was marked by the grand opening of the Pušipel Festival, featuring 24 wineries from Međimurje with over 170 wine labels, attracting numerous business visitors and enthusiasts of wine and good entertainment. Over the three days of the festival, visitors had the opportunity to enjoy a selection of the finest wines from Međimurje, as well as a rich offering of dishes and products from local family farms.


Robert Horvat, the president of the Winegrowers and Winemakers Association of Međimurje "Hortus Croatiae," expressed his gratitude to everyone who contributed to the success of Urbanovo. "Our willingness to collaborate and work together has brought us to this moment. Urbanovo is constantly growing, and the Pušipel Festival is becoming better and more attractive each year," Horvat emphasized, proud of the unity that has turned the event into a symbol of prestige and quality for the Međimurje wine region.


In addition to the Pušipel Festival, visitors from May 3 to 19 had the opportunity to enjoy the finest dishes paired with Međimurje wines during Gourmet Week, laugh and learn at the Wine & Smile quiz, and explore the international cartoon exhibition "Wine." For wine and gastronomy journalists, a wine workshop titled "Međimurje Terroirs" was organized, led by Kruno Filipović, which delved into the impact of key vineyard locations on the quality of Međimurje wines.


During the two-day press trip, about fifteen journalists and bloggers from across Croatia had the opportunity to discover the beauty of green Međimurje. They visited the restored old Međimurje house, Matulov grunt, in the municipality of Sveti Juraj na Bregu, and the viewpoint with wind organs at Mađerkin breg, where they sampled sparkling wines from the Štampar winery. After an overnight stay at Terme Sveti Martin, they toured the Mlin na Muri mill and enjoyed a ride on the old ferry. The journey concluded with a dinner pairing Međimurje dishes and wines at the award-winning restaurant Terbotz.


The Pušipel Festival, the highlight of Urbanovo, once again showcased why Međimurje holds a significant place in the Croatian wine scene, offering visitors the enjoyment of premium wines.

Foto: Matej Ščavničar