Winery Kast

Ilok, Slavonia & Danube

In the synergy of family heritage and modern innovation, Kast Winery offers a deeply rooted passion for wine that goes beyond merely preserving tradition, aiming to shape it for future generations.
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Brother and sister, Katarina and Stjepan Kočalija (Kast), are not just inheritors; they are innovators with a desire to elevate their family business to a new level. 

Their grandfather, the oldest active winemaker in the region, provided them with a solid foundation, but Katarina and Stjepan aspire to something more. Their premiere vintage from 2022 is not just a continuation of family tradition—it is also an overt ambition to modernize the Ilok wine scene.


They have opted for a focused approach, selecting four key grape varieties: Graševina, Traminac, Chardonnay, and Frankovka. Rather than expanding their range, they have concentrated on developing methods that will add complexity and depth to these varieties. In this context, their experimental work with Graševina is particularly intriguing. This variety, which has always been esteemed in Ilok, has undergone a dynamic fermentation process. Half of the grapes were fermented in stainless steel barrels, while the other half was given the opportunity for deeper evolution in oak barrels, concrete eggs, and amphorae. Such a hybrid approach has created a wine that is not only fresh but also complex, balancing the historical reliability of the variety with modern winemaking science.


In terms of production, Kast Winery has set its capacity at a maximum of 100,000 bottles per year. This figure is not arbitrarily chosen; it allows them to maintain a high standard of quality while simultaneously expanding their influence on both domestic and international markets. This is not a winery that aims for mass production; instead, their focus is on precision, careful selection, and expert knowledge that can be transferred from bottle to glass.

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